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Announcement: Posting Rules-- Must Read

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Hi to all wavefogians

Here is some posting rules:--

1. Make Ur thread In proper section if u dont know where it will be post then u can get help from staff
2. No click to pay link is allowed in forum.
3. code your links in thread and posts
4. Use Hide code in cookies and special posts
5. If any one is posting rar/zip file who have pass protected then it is must to give that file pass to any staff bcoz in the absense of topic creator staff will provide that rar
pass to members.
6. Use like button for thanks.for thanks giving thank u,thanks,awesome type replies is not allowed in site.
7. before making thread check ur links. if post dead link then u will get warning and ur post will be deleted as soon as.
8. Double post is not allowed. example:- if some boddy posted winrar 3.0 and same or other guy is posted wind rar 4.0 then he cant make another thread for that. he can post
in winrar 3.0. if winrar 3.0 thread have dead links then staff/members can update that link. so before posting check threads. its posted or not.

Wavefog Team